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Laura’s Endorsements

Laura Dominguez

My priorities

Public Safety

This is my #1 priority. I will do everything possible to keep our city safe, including ensuring MBPD has adequate resources and funding to hold bad actors accountable and help eliminate the “anything goes” attitude on Miami Beach.


I will advocate that Miami Beach’s infrastructure program keeps moving forward while ensuring private properties are not put at risk. We must continue our resiliency projects responsibly and ensure they do not cause unintended consequences for abutting properties.

Quality of Life

I support a balanced approach of responsible development and historic preservation efforts to maintain the aesthetic and cultural foundations of Miami Beach. I will advocate for residential quality of life issues, including traffic, vacant storefronts, and safer, cleaner streets and sidewalks.

Meet Laura

Laura was born in Miami-Dade County, spent some of her favorite moments in Miami Beach, and was thrilled to choose to live here. She attended local schools and is a graduate of the University of Miami and Miami Dade College, as well as the Miami Beach Leadership Academy, where she better understood how the City of Miami Beach works.

Laura is a business professional who spent her corporate career in strategic, marketing and account development roles in the tourism industry before launching her digital marketing firm. For almost ten years, Laura was the beloved late Commissioner Mark Samuelian’s life partner, and together they were active and committed community members. Laura worked side by side with Commissioner Samuelian during his three elections and attended almost every neighborhood association meeting throughout the City of Miami Beach. She is well versed in our city’s issues and ready to serve from day one as your Commissioner.

Laura currently serves on the board of her neighborhood association, the Belle Isle Residents Association (BIRA), and has been a longtime member of Miami Beach United (MBU), the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL), and Global Ties. She also serves on the board of the local chapter of the World Affairs Council and is a member of the steering committee for Equality Florida, the state’s premier LGBTQ organization. Laura cares deeply about Miami Beach and all of its diverse residents.

Mark Samuelian and Laura Dominguez

Laura Dominguez

Your voice at City Hall