Why I am voting for Laura Dominguez!

Dear Friends,

Laura’s determination to continue Mark’s public service is the level of commitment that defines a true servant of the people – placing the needs of the community above herself. It’s no surprise. For years prior to my election, when I would speak with Mark about important city issues, he would always end the conversation assuring me that he would discuss them with Laura. If the position of a co-commissioner ever existed, that’s who Laura would have been to our late Commissioner Mark Samuelian.

Laura is widely respected as a longtime advocate for the residents, which is why countless community leaders, neighborhood association presidents, civic organizations, and even our police union have strongly endorsed her campaign.

Most importantly, Laura has the pulse of the community – an outstanding knowledge of the challenges our city faces, the initiatives before the City Commission, and the history that has brought us to where we are today.

Laura loves Miami Beach and is ready to lead with her civility, individuality, and independence as our next city commissioner.

Commissioner Alex Fernandez

Alex Fernandez

Laura Dominguez

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