Vote for Laura Dominguez at your precinct in the 12/6 run-off election

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I recently remembered a notable time I ran into my late friend, Commissioner Mark Samuelian. He was joined by his life partner, Laura Dominguez, at the Hebrew Academy gala, and I was so proud to see them together supporting my alma mater. The memory of this image is symbolic of Laura’s hands-on participation with Mark in serving the community.

I support Laura because she shares my values. She prioritizes education and supports our schools. She is ready to advance on important resiliency projects to help keep our city dry for the future. She understands that bigger buildings aren’t always better for the community. She knows that we want to easily pull into a parking lot and not have to circle big garages. Most importantly, she will be a responsible steward of the taxpayers’ assets and money.

Prior to starting my medical residency, I had the pleasure of working at City Hall as the aide to Commissioner Alex Fernandez. Having experienced the inner workings of our government firsthand, I am convinced that Laura will be an independent and strong voice for the residents – for our community.

Please join me in supporting Laura Dominguez on December 6 and voting for her at your precinct.


Yale Herskowitz, MD

Yale & Laura

Laura Dominguez

Your voice at City Hall