Why I am voting for Laura Dominguez on December 6th

Dear Friends,

Election Day is almost here, and I’m so excited by the momentum around Laura’s campaign. Notwithstanding the attacks from a special interest-funded organization, Laura has remained positive, running a clean campaign worthy of Mark’s memory.

By contrast, the special interests are desperate! They fear the energy around her candidacy and have stooped as low as to circulate ads with unflattering pictures of Laura taken while she – a widow – is still mourning the loss of Mark. Yet through death and attacks, Laura has remained respectful and collected. She has focused on the issue important to the community – traffic, public safety, flooding, and aging infrastructure – the way Mark did. The way a leader does. 

And while many would take politically expedient positions to get elected, Laura has taken positions based on what is realistic and legal. 

Earlier this year, I sponsored the only 2 am alcohol rollback legislation that was adopted by the city commission. The special interests challenged the law, and the courts struck it down. In fact, it was Commissioner Mark Samuelian who had the only legally defensible proposal, but there wasn’t sufficient support on the commission for a citywide alcohol rollback. 

This is why we need Laura on the city commission. She will always be honest and transparent, supporting what is legal and what is right.

Please join me in voting for Laura Dominguez on Tuesday.


Alex Fernandez
Miami Beach City Commissioner

Laura Dominguez

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