Please Join Me In Voting For Laura Domínguez on 12/6!

Dear Friends,

I am proud to support my good friend Laura Dominguez for the Miami Beach Commission Group 2 seat previously held by the late Commissioner Mark Samuelian. Laura has earned our trust, respect, and, most importantly, our vote. 

Laura has run an honest and ethical campaign based on real ideas for improving our quality of life. Her opponent’s handlers have created a false narrative around the 2 am issue. Like Mayor Gelber and just about every other commissioner, Laura strongly supports a 2 am closing hour in residential neighborhoods with exceptions for specific areas. Don’t be fooled by the negative campaign against her; Laura is the real deal. 

I am supporting Laura because her priorities align with ours: 

  • Public Safety
  • Flooding
  • Traffic
  • Quality of Life

Laura is our Residents First candidate. Groups and leaders we trust in our city support Laura, including the Miami Beach Fraternal Order of Police. We trust them to keep us safe, and they trust Laura Dominguez as our next commissioner. 

So please do the right thing and go to your precinct on December 6th and help make Miami Beach even better by voting for Laura Dominguez.

Your friend,

Michael Gongora
Former Miami Beach Commissioner

Laura Dominguez

Your voice at City Hall