We did it!


We did it! I am thrilled by the decisive victory last night, with over 61% of the votes cast. We won vote-by-mail, Election Day, and 26 of the 29 precincts reporting. 

I have tremendous respect for my opponents in the run-off and general election. They all love this city and are remarkable people who dedicated their time to help make a difference.

I want to especially thank Sunny Weber, who joined me in the last few weeks of the campaign and worked tirelessly to help us make it over the finish line.  I am very grateful to my family, whose love and support has helped me every step of the way.

I would also like to thank Commissioner Alex Fernandez, Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Former Mayor Matti Bower, and Former Commissioner Michael Gongora, the many community leaders, and endorsing organizations whose support carried us over the top. Thank you to all of my donors, whose generosity helped make this moment possible. 

My late partner, Commissioner Mark Samuelian, would be so proud of me right now. It will be an honor to complete his term. And thank you to the residents of Miami Beach for believing in me. I’m ready to get to work for the people of our beautiful city. 

Until my City of Miami Beach email account is activated, please continue to email me here, and I will always do my best to try and assist you however I can.

Yours in service,

Laura Dominguez
Commissioner Elect – Miami Beach Commission, Group 2

Laura Dominguez

Your voice at City Hall