Meet Laura Dominguez

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Laura Dominguez, and many of you know me as our beloved late Commissioner Mark Samuelian’s life partner. We were always together as active members of the Miami Beach community. Mark and I loved advocating for the residents, and we forged strong relationships in Miami Beach. While I never expected to run for public office, Mark’s untimely passing inspired me to step forward to help the city I love and respect. I know the community and the issues and share many of Mark’s priorities in keeping Miami Beach moving forward.

While no one can ever replace Mark, I am the best choice to move his “residents first” platform forward. Mark and I did not agree on every single issue, but we were aligned on what matters most – keeping our city safe, resilient, and clean.

My focus is on public safety, resiliency, and quality of life for the residents. As Commissioner, I will fight to ensure that the Miami Beach Police Department has the resources and funding to hold bad actors accountable to help eliminate the “anything goes” atmosphere we see in certain parts of Miami Beach. I will support Miami Beach’s infrastructure program to keep our city dry while ensuring private properties are not put at risk with unintended consequences. I will also advocate for a balanced approach of responsible development and historic preservation efforts to help maintain our beautiful city’s character and cultural foundations.

I spent my corporate career in strategic, marketing and account development roles in the tourism industry before launching my digital marketing firm. I graduated from the University of Miami and Miami Dade College. I also graduated from the Miami Beach Leadership Academy, where I better learned how our city operates. I’ve been a proud, longtime member of Miami Beach United (MBU), the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL), and Global Ties. I currently serve on the boards of the Belle Isle Residents Association (BIRA), my neighborhood association on Belle Isle, the local chapter of the World Affairs Council, and have been a steering committee member for Equality Florida. You can learn more about me on my website.

I will deliver results for Miami Beach and humbly ask for your support in this election. I am running a grassroots campaign and with your help, I will be able to share my message with the community. Contributions can be made here.

Yours in service,


Laura Dominguez

Laura Dominguez

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