We did it!


We did it! I am thrilled by the decisive victory last night, with over 61% of the votes cast. We won vote-by-mail, Election Day, and 26 of the 29 precincts reporting. 

I have tremendous respect for my opponents in the run-off and general election. They all love this city and are remarkable people who dedicated their time to help make a difference.

I want to especially thank Sunny Weber, who joined me in the last few weeks of the campaign and worked tirelessly to help us make it over the finish line.  I am very grateful to my family, whose love and support has helped me every step of the way.

I would also like to thank Commissioner Alex Fernandez, Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Former Mayor Matti Bower, and Former Commissioner Michael Gongora, the many community leaders, and endorsing organizations whose support carried us over the top. Thank you to all of my donors, whose generosity helped make this moment possible. 

My late partner, Commissioner Mark Samuelian, would be so proud of me right now. It will be an honor to complete his term. And thank you to the residents of Miami Beach for believing in me. I’m ready to get to work for the people of our beautiful city. 

Until my City of Miami Beach email account is activated, please continue to email me here, and I will always do my best to try and assist you however I can.

Yours in service,

Laura Dominguez
Commissioner Elect – Miami Beach Commission, Group 2

It’s the Run-off Election Today, 12/6!

Dear Friends,

Today is election day in Miami Beach for the run-off to replace my beloved late partner, Commissioner Mark Samuelian’s seat. I am proud of the campaign I’ve run and the many people I have connected with throughout the last few months.

I’ve given this race my all. And now on the last day of my campaign, I humbly ask for your vote again to win this seat. I share your concerns for our beautiful city and will do everything I can to make it better.

You can track the election results here starting at 7:15 pm!

I miss Mark very much. I know how proud he would be of me and of the love and support I have received from so many in our community.


Laura Dominguez

Please Join Me In Voting For Laura Domínguez on 12/6!

Dear Friends,

I am proud to support my good friend Laura Dominguez for the Miami Beach Commission Group 2 seat previously held by the late Commissioner Mark Samuelian. Laura has earned our trust, respect, and, most importantly, our vote. 

Laura has run an honest and ethical campaign based on real ideas for improving our quality of life. Her opponent’s handlers have created a false narrative around the 2 am issue. Like Mayor Gelber and just about every other commissioner, Laura strongly supports a 2 am closing hour in residential neighborhoods with exceptions for specific areas. Don’t be fooled by the negative campaign against her; Laura is the real deal. 

I am supporting Laura because her priorities align with ours: 

  • Public Safety
  • Flooding
  • Traffic
  • Quality of Life

Laura is our Residents First candidate. Groups and leaders we trust in our city support Laura, including the Miami Beach Fraternal Order of Police. We trust them to keep us safe, and they trust Laura Dominguez as our next commissioner. 

So please do the right thing and go to your precinct on December 6th and help make Miami Beach even better by voting for Laura Dominguez.

Your friend,

Michael Gongora
Former Miami Beach Commissioner

Why I am voting for Laura Dominguez on December 6th

Dear Friends,

Election Day is almost here, and I’m so excited by the momentum around Laura’s campaign. Notwithstanding the attacks from a special interest-funded organization, Laura has remained positive, running a clean campaign worthy of Mark’s memory.

By contrast, the special interests are desperate! They fear the energy around her candidacy and have stooped as low as to circulate ads with unflattering pictures of Laura taken while she – a widow – is still mourning the loss of Mark. Yet through death and attacks, Laura has remained respectful and collected. She has focused on the issue important to the community – traffic, public safety, flooding, and aging infrastructure – the way Mark did. The way a leader does. 

And while many would take politically expedient positions to get elected, Laura has taken positions based on what is realistic and legal. 

Earlier this year, I sponsored the only 2 am alcohol rollback legislation that was adopted by the city commission. The special interests challenged the law, and the courts struck it down. In fact, it was Commissioner Mark Samuelian who had the only legally defensible proposal, but there wasn’t sufficient support on the commission for a citywide alcohol rollback. 

This is why we need Laura on the city commission. She will always be honest and transparent, supporting what is legal and what is right.

Please join me in voting for Laura Dominguez on Tuesday.


Alex Fernandez
Miami Beach City Commissioner

Reminders About The December 6th Run-off Election

Dear Friends,

We are in the campaign’s last week, and I am working with tremendous intensity to make it over the finish line and be your next commissioner. Your vote means so much to me in this election. As I have mentioned before, my priorities are public safety, moving forward with our resiliency infrastructure program, and quality of life for our residents, which also include:

  • Opposing over-development
  • Maintain 2 am alcohol cut-off in residential neighborhoods like South of Fifth and Sunset Harbour and eliminate grandfathering
  • Helping fix our city’s traffic and noise issues
  • Protecting our waters
  • Some reminders about the election. If you have a ballot, mail it now! The Elections Department must receive it by December 6th, and you can track its status here. There will not be any drop boxes at the precinct on Election Day.

Voting in person on Tuesday, December 6th is at your designated polling precinct. There is no early voting.

Tomorrow is also the last day to contribute to my run-off election. If you’d like to chip in one last time, you may do so here.

I have enjoyed the many conversations with residents and community leaders. Together we’ve shared ideas on making Miami Beach better. I look forward to putting our thoughts into action.


Many organizations have endorsed me in this race because they trust me to be your next commissioner!

Here i am with my dear friend, Marissa, and my brother Jorge.
Here I am with my dear friend, Marissa, and my brother Jorge.

Vote for Laura Dominguez at your precinct in the 12/6 run-off election

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I recently remembered a notable time I ran into my late friend, Commissioner Mark Samuelian. He was joined by his life partner, Laura Dominguez, at the Hebrew Academy gala, and I was so proud to see them together supporting my alma mater. The memory of this image is symbolic of Laura’s hands-on participation with Mark in serving the community.

I support Laura because she shares my values. She prioritizes education and supports our schools. She is ready to advance on important resiliency projects to help keep our city dry for the future. She understands that bigger buildings aren’t always better for the community. She knows that we want to easily pull into a parking lot and not have to circle big garages. Most importantly, she will be a responsible steward of the taxpayers’ assets and money.

Prior to starting my medical residency, I had the pleasure of working at City Hall as the aide to Commissioner Alex Fernandez. Having experienced the inner workings of our government firsthand, I am convinced that Laura will be an independent and strong voice for the residents – for our community.

Please join me in supporting Laura Dominguez on December 6 and voting for her at your precinct.


Yale Herskowitz, MD

Yale & Laura

Last Day to Request VBM!

Dear Friends,
I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and are enjoying the weekend. We have just ten days left until the run-off election on December 6th. Our team is working harder than ever, meeting with voters across Miami Beach and sharing our positive vision for the future of our city. 

I wanted to remind you that there is no early voting in this election. If you plan to be away on December 6th, today at 5 pm is the last opportunity to request a vote by mail ballot here.  I am focused on the finish line and spend each day with voters across Miami Beach. Please be sure to cast your vote for Ballot# 132, either through vote-by-mail or on Election Day, December 6th, at your designated precinct. Thank you for all of the support you have shown me.


Consider supporting Laura in the run-off election 12/6!

Take a look at one of my latest mail pieces:

I am grateful for your support!

Dear Friends,
I am grateful for the over 9,000 residents that voted for me and helped me come in first place in the general election. Your confidence and vote mean the world to me. However, this election will be decided on December 6th in a run-off, and we must vote again. You can only vote by mail or on election day, no early voting. So please bring the vote home and ensure your RESIDENTS FIRST candidate is elected. My priorities are public safety, moving forward with our resiliency infrastructure program, quality of life for our residents, also including:

  • Opposing over-development
  • Maintain 2 am alcohol cut-off in residential neighborhoods like South of Fifth and Sunset Harbour
  • Helping fix our city’s traffic and noise issues
  • Protecting our waters

I promise to always listen to your needs and come up with effective solutions. Together, we will create an even better Miami Beach.

I would like to wish all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. This will be the first Thanksgiving in the last ten years that I will observe without Mark, and this makes me very sad. But during this somber time, I will reflect on the many happy memories we made at past Thanksgiving dinners. Mark’s memory will always live on in my heart.


Consider supporting Laura in the run-off election 12/6!

Take a look at one of my latest mail pieces:

December 6th Run-off 🗳️Vote at your precinct!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for letting me get to know you better these last few months as I have worked tirelessly calling, knocking on your door, having events across our city, and even working at the polls.

I have remained focused on what Mark and I loved most, our beautiful City of Miami Beach. I have never had a campaign where Mark wasn’t by my side, and I know he would be so proud of me. And next, I want to make you, the residents of Miami Beach, proud too.

The run-off election is December 6th, when voters will vote at their assigned precinct. There is no early voting. If you or any family, friends, or neighbors will be away on December 6th, please request a mail-in ballot asap (the deadline to request a mail-in ballot is November 26th at 5pm) and ensure your completed ballot is returned in time to arrive by December 6th.

We have another three weeks of hard work, and I need your help to continue to get out our pro-resident message. If you contributed last time, THANK YOU and now you may contribute again. Please make any contribution you can for good government.

Thank you for your encouragement and support for the December 6th election!

We are almost there!

Dear Friends,

We are almost there – last night, we finished in first place with 41% of the vote and a strong ten-point margin over my closest opponent. We needed 50% + 1 vote to win outright in this five-person race. We are headed to a run-off! We have another four weeks of hard work, and I am ready for the December 6th election!

I am honored to announce that one of my opponents, Mitch Novick, has endorsed me in the run-off, “I throw my full support behind Laura Dominguez. I believe Laura will place residents first and serve our community well.” Mitch is a leader in our community, and I am grateful for his support.

My campaign account starts from scratch! I am now able to accept donations as the run-off is considered a new campaign. Please consider contributing to my efforts, and you may do so here.

Thank you for believing in me. Mark would be so proud.

Laura Dominguez

Your voice at City Hall